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Say What U Mean

In her latest venture, a box of assorted greeting cards, Ann creates unforgettable images using old family photographs colored by hand. With over 70 uses for them, Say What U Mean Greeting Cards are perfect for any occasion.

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The Unsuit

Created by Hans Buhringer and promoted by Ann Turkel, the Unsuit was America’s solution to European nude sunbathing. Featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, Time Magazine, and People Magazine, the Unsuit made history as having the largest single selling item in the garment industry.

Now Or Never

Another creation of Hans Buhringer and Ann Turkel the Now or Never  Mobile Fitness Center broke ground in the Home Fitness industry. By being the first to bring the gym and trainers to your home, Now or Never made getting into shape as easy as walking out of the front door.